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Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia was presented with a copy of Ariane’s book while visiting in the United States.
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Ariane penned her book “I Shall Remember Thy Holy Name from Generation to Generation” with fellow Orthodox Christian Tim Weeks as a legacy to her children. It was published in 2016. Through the book’s journey, readers can see how she awoke to Christ’s call after careful and deep examination of her life and of those in her family who came before her.

Inspiration came from her research into her Serbian Orthodox faith and roots. In fact, the book was dedicated to her great-grandfather, the Very Reverend Trandafil Kocić, a priest who served the Orthodox Church in Leskovac, Serbia. He, along with many fellow priests, were martyred for their faith in Surdulica, Serbia on November 17, 1915. And, in 2017 he was canonized as a Martyr in the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Ariane hopes and prays that her book is a golden thread in the reader’s life, pulling him or her closer and binding them in their Creator. Her book is her offering to the God she loves with all her heart and her gift to her children and generations to follow, in hope that they also preserve their Holy Orthodox Christian Faith.

Ariane shares some of her thoughts in the audio and visual presentations below. The audio interview with the Orthodox News Network was conducted by Father Gregory Joyce. The videos give viewers a more in-depth opportunity to learn more about her perspectives that helped to craft the tapestry of her life, her call to faith, and her abiding love for her family.

Listen to Ariane's interview with the Orthodox News Network…

See Ariane talk about her work and inspiration…

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Ariane Trifunovic-Montemuro